Charmeuse Cami-Short Set


Camisole Top and Short Set by Shirley of Hollywood. Pink just may become a girl’s new best friend in this too-soft, easy-fitting, cami-short set of charmeuse silk trimmed in the front by an elaborate, metallic lace. Spaghetti-style, adjustable, plus crisscrossing in the drape-back straps. Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Passion Pink.

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Pink just may turn out to be a ladies’ best friend! Immediately following a nice, hot bath, slip into this heavenly, two-piece, Cami-Short Set from the Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie Collection, then head for the couch and cuddle up with a favorite book and blankie. This too-soft, all-silk, pink pajama short will relax with every movement that the bottom makes as it gracefully trails from the high-waisted, elasticized waistband that gently snuggles up to the size small, medium, large, and x-large bottom. The matching, pink, charmeuse camisole top with crisscrosses in the back, spaghetti-straps, flows from the chest down to round-about the hips region, encircling the short, and the backside on the top sports an airy, droop fashion. Both the loose-fitting, pair of shorts, and the easy-on-the-curves, camisole top, are trimmed by an elaborate lace, permeated with metallic threads for a dab will do ya of sparkle; the top, across the draping, front neckline, and the short, from side-to-side on the front, lowest extremities. Breakfast at the kitchen nook and breakfast brought to you in bed is gonna be a much more pleasurable experience in this Passion Pink, Cami-Short Set by Shirley of Hollywood, sold at a pleasant discount on LaSensuals Lingerie.

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