Sexy Bunny

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Hippity-hop all the way home! This black-and-white Sexy Bunny by Elegant Moments Lingerie is hip-hop ready. A long-sleeve mini dress is trimmed around the hem and deeply-dipped neckline plus both wrist-encircling edges by soft-and-fluffy … white-and-wabbity … faux fur. The bunny ears are long and fluffy plus perked-up tall on the solid-black headband. A black-tie neckpiece centers a solid-white band. So … whether putting on a show for the hubby at home or engaging in a show at the costume ball … this vewy, vewy Sexy Bunny by Elegant Moments Lingerie is black-and-white, hippity-hop ready. Available in size increments Small, Medium, Large, 1X/2X, and 3X/4X.

Some things truly are black-and-white (this way, or that way). Ask yourself, was I formed by the mighty hands of The Creator of the heavens and earth? Or, am I to believe that I developed into me with no purpose, rhyme, or reason? As it is written in Genesis 1:27, So God made man like his Maker.




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Sexy Bunny costume by Elegant Moments Lingerie.Sexy Bunny