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Cover a bathing suit and clothes in big holes of crochet via this awesome net coverup dress from the Vivace Collection by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Sleeveless. Intense side slits (from knee-length hems to high-hips). U-dip back/front necklines. A big, black border outlines the openwork motif. Small/Medium, Large/X-Large.

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Cover me up with big holes of crochet! When packing a bag for an overnight road trip for some fun and some sun, and when tossing a bathing suit and some afternoon clothes into the beach bag to head out for a boat ride, this wrinkle-free, crochet cover-up dress from the Vivace Collection is an awesome companion. Every single weave within the sleeveless, black, Net Cover, is an openwork motif in side-by-side, plus row atop another row of diamond-shaped holes, all widely span so to ensure an obvious perception with the eyes of exactly what lies below. The deep dip in the back neckline, the big gap on the front neckline, as well as both armscye, and side slits throughout the cut to somewhere about the knee-length hems, are all finished by a strong, black binding which outlines the big holes of crochet that make up the cover-up dress. Each of the two, strengthened side slits are cut from hem to hip so as to expose her fabulous measures of thirty-four-inch through forty-inches decked out in a bathing suit, or a sweet pair of pants. Bring this little black dress along for too many adventures to mention here, but love every time it is worn to cover you up in big holes of crochet net. Available in size Small/Medium, and Large/X-Large.

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