Charmeuse Chemise Negligee


Askew and awesome! Shirley of Hollywood lingerie chemise with an asymmetrical hemline. Cups are all lace plus overextended, virtually butterfly-shaped. Intensely scooped back complements askew hem. Deep Teal, Turquoise, Spring Green, Pink Icing, Violet. Size SM-XL.

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Askew and awesome! This Shirley of Hollywood lingerie chemise with an asymmetrical hemline glides gracefully with every movement. The cups of the chemise are all lace, wire-free, pad-free, plus, the trace of lace that shapes the cupping, and the great deal of charmeuse silk that makes up the full skirting, looks and feels awesome atop the torso of women who wear size Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Attached in the exact center of the V-plunge neckline rests a dainty, decorative ribbon that complements the colors of both the charmeuse spun skirt and the dyed-to-match lacing in the overextended, virtually butterfly-shaped, cups that superbly overlaps the silk bodice alongside equal edges. The back of the asymmetrical hemline chemise features an intense scoop cropped into the charmeuse that nearly parallels the askew hem, and two, adjustable, silk strings suspend the low back plus crisscross at the shoulder blades and provide an overs the shoulders straps for the hanging of the lace cups. This discount, Shirley of Hollywood, charmeuse and lace lingerie chemise with askew hemline will truly look awesome on you (her).

Please know that God has created us equally and that He loves us all the same, right where we are, right now. We do not have to sit back and “wish” we were someone else… be an accomplished you!



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