Asymmetrical Hem Chemise


Send hubby into a happy tailspin while dressed in this Asymmetrical Chemise with a crooked-hem skirt that is so full of mesh, it literally overlaps while standing still, plus sensually glides within the air while walking into a room. Discount in One/Queen-Size.

  • Sleeveless
  • Stretch/Floral Lace Bust
  • Asymmetrical Hem
  • Stretchy Mesh Bodice
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Ship-shape and crooked! Send hubby into a tailspin dressed in this Asymmetrical Chemise from the Shirley of Hollywood, Hot Collection. This asymmetrical skirt is so-full of fabric that the almost-completely see-through mesh literally laps over while the wife is standing still, and then, as she motions through a room, the skirt sensually glides through the air. Affixed along the top edge of the asymmetrical skirt is a stunning piece of stretchy floral lace that matches in tint with the crooked mesh, which bands from one-side to the other, just underneath the bust, and this identical in pattern, stretchy floral lace, then gently lays atop her breasts and up to the tips of the shoulders. The backside on this chemise negligee is totally the see-through mesh, made up of the crooked skirting, plus pleated-fabric band, and two strips of mesh material that completes the form of this sleeveless, Asymmetrical Chemise set on LaSensuals Lingerie. Available in One-Size fits a lotta ladies, plus Queen-Size for the lovely-and-larger ones.

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