UjENA Army Brat Shorts

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Support the peacemaking troops, AKA mommy and daddy, in this Army Brat Short by Ujena Swimwear with foldover belting of an Army greens camouflage pattern around the waistline that is stitched together with a solid-black pair of booty shorts. The short itself is a show just a dab will do you of the backside so we can still be confidently covered while we shoot some hoops with the fellows, and play a game of volleyball on the beach with some friends. Fix the camouflage waistband to the preferred measure of high-waisted and all the way folded over, based on the Army Brat temperature for that day, and ride the waves on a boogie board behind the boat feeling all covered up and disguised as totally flattering. The matte black, camouflage, nylon, and lycra combo bathing suit short is stretchy for flexibility at a yoga class, in and out of the water, and for a good workout at the gym. Pair this discount, UjENA bottom with the Army Brat Camouflage bathing suit top (shown in the photo, and sold separately) for a full, family-friendly bikini.

When we break down the message in Galatians 4:1-7, it is the graceful news that everything Jesus earned in His death and His suffering is ours!




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F271 Ujena bottom with camouflage fold-over band.F271 Ujena bottom with camouflage fold-over band.UjENA Army Brat Shorts
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