Welcome to this unique, basic-free, website section that LaSensuals Plus Size Lingerie refers to as the “other” color collection, also known as the other, red-hot, lingerie and beachwear colors for women. When the lingerie color ain’t white, and the tone ain’t black, and when the shade is available in two similar color options, like a pink-hue pantie plus that identical pantie in a coral-tint, the color is other. When beachwear is made with multi-color fabric combinations, say a one-piece bathing suit in red, white, blue, stars, and stripes print spandex, plus, a long-length, beach robe cover-up spun from mesh in a black, white, and zebra-pattern, our color is other. Shop leopard-printed babydolls, and solid-silver satin chemises. Every other-color is sold at a discount price, every day.

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