Two-Piece Bathing Suits

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  • UjENA Zebra Bottom

    $27.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    South Beach Bottoms by Ujena Swimwear. Slight scoop front/back. Full lining. Cheeky coverage. Low-cut leg. Eccentric Zebra print. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. Zebra top is sold separately.

  • UjENA Zebra Top

    $27.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    South Beach Top by Ujena Swimwear. Game on! Strings tie neck/back. Sliding triangle cups. Removable pad inserts.  Full lining. Zebra motif. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. Zebra bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Naked Top

    $28.75 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Naked Top by Ujena Swimwear. Boning on both sides. Bust lining. Heart shape bustline. Latch hook closure. Removable pad inserts. Nude (flesh-tone fabric). XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. Scrunch-back bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Naked Bottom

    $23.50 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Naked Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Scrunched-up-bum. Four-way stretch nylon/lycra. Low-cut legs. Full to mid-rear conceal. Underlaid for transparent-free wear. Nude (flesh-tone). XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. Bandeau bathing suit top sold separately.

  • UjENA Colombian Bottom

    $26.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Colombian Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Scrunch-back bikini bottom. Mid-cut legs. Four-way stretch polyester/spandex. Full lining. Full-rear coverage. Coconut/White. XS/Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size. Coordinating long triangle cup top sold separately.

  • UjENA Colombian Top

    $26.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Coconut Colombian Top by Ujena Swimwear. White string bikini top. Long sliding triangle cups. Ties by three strings neck/back. Four-way stretch spandex mingled together with polyester fabrics. Removable pad inserts. Full lining. K291 Bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Sheer Tie Bottom

    $26.50 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Sheer Tie Tonga Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Fit to be tied! This sensually skimpy bottom is covered front-to-back in big ole stars set side-by-side one another as if floating within the sheer blue yonder. Ties sides. Lining-free. White/Blue. X-Small/Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size. Top sold separately.

  • UjENA Sheer Tie Top

    $33.25 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Sheer Tie Tonga Top by Ujena Swimwear. Love sparks … American spirit! Sheer and skimpy tie neck/back bikini top with one patriotically bold triangle cup marked with big ole five-point stars; the other by red-and-white stripe. Lining-free. Sliding cups. XS-1X. Tonga bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA USA Bottom

    $27.75 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    USA Curvy Girl Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Sorta skimpy bottom fully covered with a horizontal white stripe alongside a bright red stripe which patriotically repeats in USA flag pattern. Keyhole sides. Full lining. SM/MD/LG/XL/Plus-Size. Coordinating Curvy Girl Top sold separately.

  • UjENA USA Top

    $27.75 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    USA Curvy Girl Top by Ujena Swimwear. Make America great over and over again! Sliding triangles. Ties neck/back. Removable padding. Full lining. Blue cups/White stars, and stripes/Red stripes. MD/LG/XL/Plus-size. USA bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Capri Coast Bottom

    $27.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Capri Coast Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. A little crease here and a lotta tuck there! Brief-style bottom featuring creased scoring alongside both side seams, two vertical scores paralleling from the rubber-free waistline front tip-tops to elastic-free legs, plus three pleats up-and-down the ruched back. Full lining. Mid-rear coverage. Solid White. Sold SM-2x. Coordinating Capri Coast Top sold separately.

  • UjENA Capri Coast Top

    $34.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Capri Coast Top by Ujena Swimwear. Lavish the bust in this ravishing bandeau-style top with a supportive five-eighth-inch band that expands the underbust, two tie on the nape of the neck strings for slides-up/slips down expansion, plus removable pad inserts. Self-tying back. Exceedingly obvious ruched stitching center front length. Full lining. White. Sold SM-2X. Coordinating ruched all-over bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Nude Bottom

    $23.75 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Nude Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Sheer-when-wet Colombian bottoms with vertical ruche bum. Low-cut leg. Privates lining. Full-rear coverage. Sits low on the waist. Provides a satisfying shaping. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. Coordinating sheer-wet top sold separately.

  • UjENA Nude Top

    $24.50 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Nude Top by Ujena Swimwear. Go nude for hubby! Long sliding triangle cups. Transparent-free when dry. Mystery-free when wet. String ties neck/back. Lining free. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. L275 Colombian scrunch-back bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Cherry Bottom

    $26.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Colombian Scrunch by Ujena Swimwear. Bunches of summertime fun! Scrunched up-and-down the back bikini bottom. Four-way stretch nylon/lycra. Sits low waist. Low-cut leg. Full-rear coverage. Full lining. Cherry Red. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size. Sliding triangles top sold separately.

  • UjENA Cherry Top

    $26.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Colombian Top by Ujena Swimwear. Sip coffee at the beach or sunbathe by the pool in this tie-strings top with elongated triangular cups of a four-way stretch nylon/lycra combination. Adjustable sliding triangles. Removable pad inserts. Cherry Red. SM-3X. Scrunch-bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Action Bottom

    $34.25 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Action Cabana Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Sporty turns from turquoise tinted Tahitian-print to solid guava-color bikini bottom when reversed. Easee Fit Collection (rubber-free). Full-coverage. High waisted. Full lining. Four-way stretch fabric. Sold Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size. Reversible print to sold bikini top sold separately.

  • UjENA Action Top

    $34.25 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Action Cabana Sports Top by Ujena Swimwear. Double-up in the pool of prosperity! Double-lined guava color sports top turns turquoise tinted Tahitian-print banded bikini top when reversed. Elastic-free. Square necklines. Extra-wide straps. Four-way stretch. Sold X-Small/Small/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size. Reversible bottom sold separately.

  • UjENA Cabana Bottom

    $32.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Cabana Banded Bottom by Ujena Swimwear. Look like a million bucks in this bathing suit bottom with a high waistline and full rear coverage. Elastic-free. Small-width band. Full lining. Four-way stretch fabric. Black. Flatters Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size. Black Cabana Top sold separately.

  • UjENA Cabana Top

    $32.00 Two-Piece Bathing Suits

    Cabana Banded Top by Ujena Swimwear. Look like a million bucks in this four-way stretch bathing suit top with overlapping/crisscrossing fabric at the plunging neckline. Extra-wide banded underbust. Halter-style. Ties neck/back. Black. Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/Plus-Size. Black Cabana bottom sold separately.

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