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Welcome LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie shoppers, into our Ujena Swimwear coverups and clothes collections, plus a select few Elegant Moments Lingerie coverup pieces. Shop sexy sundress cothes to see-through bathing suit coverup robes made for weathering summertime outings to family vacations. We got long pants plus cropped shirts, and bathing suit dress coverups … styles of an awesome array of fabrics, like floral patterned lace and 100% cotton gauze, and high-fashion faux suede to totally-stretchy spandex. Buy tie-front caftans and self-tying wraps … summery UjENA beach clothes to Elegant Moments Lingerie bathing suit coverups. LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie has got the sensual ladies covered for honeymoons to cruises to comfortable sightseeing and such. Praise God that once we are born again/renewed in our minds, we are covered by the blood of Jesus/Yeshua.

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  • Sheer Tunic

    $53.50 Coverups & Clothes

    Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear. Paradise is here! Boatneck/off-the-shoulders wear. Square-cut polyester/spandex. Open armholes. Split sides. Low-to-mid thigh length. Paradise Plum. Loose-fit/One Size.

  • Reversible Coverup

    $43.25 Coverups & Clothes

    Oh So Sheer by Ujena Swimwear. Shimmering! Totally-see-through/all-over-stretchy. Reversible plunging neckline. Long-sleeve. Thigh-length. Pearl stitch edging. Black. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

  • Festival Beach Pants

    $59.50 Coverups & Clothes

    Festival Beach Pants by Ujena Swimwear. Party on the pebbly shores! Imitation fireworks/stretch lace coverup. Functional front patch pockets. Elastic-free/drawstring waistline. Loose-legs. Ankle-length. Turquoise. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

  • Festival Beach Pants

    $59.50 Coverups & Clothes

    Festival Beach Pants by Ujena Swimwear. Start a hot-pink-lace party on the patio! Imitation fireworks pattern lace. Straight/ankle-length legs. Drawstring waistline. Patch pockets. Pink. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

  • Sheer Tunic

    $47.25 Coverups & Clothes

    South Pacific Sheer Tunic by Ujena Swimwear. On/off-shoulder boatneck. Square cut/seamed sides. Imprints of fall-color flowers within soft and airy mesh/spandex. Lower thigh-length. Available One-Size (ladies shirt size equivalent 4-14).

  • Beach Dress

    $45.75 Coverups & Clothes

    Beach Dress by Ujena Swimwear. Slinky little black dress/pajama top/bathing suit coverup. Spandex fused with naturally glistening polyester. Easy to care for/wrinkle-free. Spaghetti straps with sliders. Built-in shelf bra. Black. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

  • Crochet Crop Top

    $19.50 Coverups & Clothes

    Crochet Crop Top/Coverup by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Long-sleeve. Slinky-style/wrinkle-free. Boat neckline. Black embellishing. Big ole holes crochet. Full-back. Small/Medium, and Large/X-Large. Long pants sold separately.

  • Crochet Cover Pants

    $22.00 Coverups & Clothes

    Net Bathing Suit Cover Pants from the Vivace Collection by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Ankle-length. Slinky-style/wrinkle-free. Big ole holes crochet. Broad/silky-satin waistband. Black. Small/Medium, Large/X-Large. Long-sleeve crop top sold separately.

  • Crochet Coverup

    $15.25 Coverups & Clothes

    Crochet Coverup by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Halter-style dress with a fringe hem splattered all over with lots of tiny holes that form illusional floating flowers. Multi-faceted triangle shapes in an oval/cross-stitched center chest. One-Size. White.

  • SoHo Coverup Dress

    $70.50 Coverups & Clothes

    SoHo Coverup Dress by Ujena Swimwear. Long and silky plus wrinkle-free coverup dress with split open front and o-ring clasp closure at the strapless bustline. Removable pad inserts bustline. Puckered up fabric atop the chest with full underlay. Stretch spandex/polyester combination. Black. Sold size increments Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/1X.

  • Sheer Illusion Pareo

    $27.25 Coverups & Clothes

    Sheer Illusional Pareo by Ujena Swimwear. Self-tie sarong spun of burnout mesh to softly cover bathing suit bottoms, tenderly toss over shoulders, plus gently wrap about the head. Nylon/spandex of a transparent mixed with an opaque, dewdrops pattern. Trimmed with a pearl-edge satin border. Champagne/Ivory. One-Size. Dangerous Curves One-Piece sold separately.

  • Sheer Lavender Sarong

    $30.25 Coverups & Clothes

    Sheer Lavender Sarong by Ujena Swimwear. Highlight her hips, enwrap the head, and spruce up a bathing suit via the sweet Pareo coverup. Seam-free. Sateen pearl edging. Narrow self-tie. Nylon/spandex/sparkles. One Size/Up to 42-inch hip.

  • Sheer Resort Robe

    $50.75 Coverups & Clothes

    Sheer Resort Robe by Ujena Swimwear. Wrinkle-free & go-bag-ready! This drop-shoulders beach robe features two long incisions cut within the ankle-length hem plus a single front tie at the bustline for optional closure. 100% Sheer polyester. White. Sold Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/1X.

  • UjENA Resort Pants

    $43.50 Coverups & Clothes

    Resort Pants by Ujena Swimwear. Cozy up by the warm bonfire. Take a walk on the moonlit beach. Plus lazy around the comfortable homefront sipping tea by the pool. These lightweight beach pants are 100% cotton-gauze with loose-fit/straight legs. Functional front pockets. Drawstring waistline. Ankle-length. Black. Sold XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

  • Poolside Cover Dress

    $36.00 Coverups & Clothes

    Poolside Cover Dress by Ujena Swimwear. Fishnet/spandex. Drawstring neckline. Pearl-edge/side slits/thigh-length hem. High-neck. Open/airy armholes. Neon Lemon. SM/MD, LG/XL, 1X/2X.

  • Swimdress Coverup

    $48.50 Coverups & Clothes

    Swimdress Coverup by Ujena Swimwear. Cross-back straps. Solid/bandeau-style top. Sheer/shimmering skirt. Thick over-the-shoulder straps. Seamed atop & under the bust. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

  • Reversible Coverup

    $43.25 Coverups & Clothes

    Oh So Sheer by Ujena Swimwear. Reversible scoop-front/scoop-back. All-the-way see-through/all-over stretchy. Long-sleeve. Thigh-length. White Glissenette. XS/Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

  • Le Mademoiselle

    $43.25 Coverups & Clothes

    Le Mademoiselle by Ujena Swimwear. Kick pleats skirt. Ankle length. Tricot/sheer Glissenette. Illusional-mesh panel. Stretch/foldover/velvet waistband. Black. Small/Medium/Large/XL/1X.

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