When the mood calls for some spicy marital passion, come calling in LàSensuals Plus Size Lingerie lingerie roleplays. Shop sensual jumpsuits that outline her form to bedside rompers for Christmas holidays and such. We sell sexy schoolgirl ensembles … some with plaid skirts, some with suspenders … to a black-and-white nurse so-and-so lingerie teddy. Buy red-and-white costumes to wear to a party, private or not, to a lingerie outfit that zips up the front and comes along with a coordinating cap for surprises one night. Elegant Moments Costume to Fantasy Lingerie and Dreamgirl for sure, dress fancy flapper dresses through gypsy lady roleplays and dance the night away. Shop sailor girl colors to female firefighter uniforms, headbands to hats. Everything is affordable, and these lingerie roleplays are only a few clicks away. Did you know God wants to bring peace to our minds? Satan prefers we remain upset to bring strife. Battles begin in one’s mind.

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  • Flirty Maid

    $32.75 Roleplays

    Flirty Maid by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Caregive the day’s trials and tribulations away! Short-sleeve/frilly-trim/bow embellish mini dress. Wrist-high/five-finger caregiver gloves. Roleplay apron. High-top headpiece. Small/Medium/Large/XL/Plus-Size.

  • Teacher’s Pet

    $35.55 Roleplays

    Teacher’s Pet by Elegant Moments Lingerie. 3-Piece roleplay. Red/black/white plaid schoolgirl skirt with adjustable suspenders. Matching checkered necktie. Tie-front/short-sleeve/all-white crop top. Small/Medium/Large/XL.

  • Extra Credit Cutie

    $27.50 Roleplays

    Extra Credit Cutie by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Tutor hubby on lessons of devotion! Tie-front/short-sleeve/all-white crop top. Pink/White/Black pleated schoolgirl skirt. Matching roleplay necktie/collar.  Small/Medium/Large/XL.

  • Racy RN

    $33.00 Roleplays

    Racy RN by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Special first-aide and misbehavin’ to the rescue! Zipper front romper with double lapels plus functional pockets. Registered nurse roleplay cap/headband. Red-cross/satin-trim embellish. White/Red. Small/Medium/Large/XL.

  • Maid to Please

    $34.25 Roleplays

    Maid to Please by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Sweet ruffles and frills plus polyester will have a hubby hollerin’! Mini dress with sweetheart neckline and kinda cap sleeves. Lace-up/scoop-back. Roleplay apron. Maid headpiece. Pink/White/Black. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Sexy Bunny

    $38.50 Roleplays

    Sexy Bunny by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Hippity-hop all the way home! Velvety-smooth/long-sleeve mini dress. Faux fur trim. Delightfully dipped neckline. Full-back. Roleplay bunny ears/bow necktie. Black/White. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Slither’n Schoolgirl

    $34.25 Roleplays

    Slither’n Schoolgirl by Fantasy Lingerie. Go-green-gurl! Pleated/wide waistband mini skirt. Suspenders (detachable). Roleplay collar/necktie. Cutout/longline/band/underwire bra. Pantie. Green/Black. SM/MD up to 3X/4X.

  • Flapper Dress

    $31.25 Roleplays

    Flapper Dress by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Western-style. Spaghetti/adjustable/mesh overlay straps. V front/back. Long fringe layers hips to hem. Sequin/feather headdress. Black. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Santa’s Sweetie

    $35.75 Roleplays

    Santa’s Sweetie by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Get to huggin’ and to lovin’! Sweet velvet/fluffy faux-fur costume. High-low hem. Cotton-ball-tip Santa cap. Red/White. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • As If Schoolgirl

    $31.00 Roleplays

    As If Schoolgirl by Fantasy Lingerie. As if dinner and candlelight are enough! Plaid/pleated/band skirt. Crop/net/cap-sleeve top. Shiny/snap-back/checkered tie neckpiece. Pantie. Yellow/Black. S/M, M/L, L/XL, 1/2X, 3/4X.

  • Queen of Detention

    $33.75 Roleplays

    Queen of Detention by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Button-up/spread collar/v-neck. School emblem brand. Pleats. Long-sleeve/crop jacket. Plaid necktie. Grey/White/Rose. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Suspender Schoolgirl

    $34.25 Roleplays

    Suspender Schoolgirl by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Bandeau-style top. Pleated skirt. High-neck/collar. Necktie. Suspender clips. Band for left/right wrist. Pink/White/Black Plaid. Small/Medium/Large/XL.

  • Mrs. Santa Costume

    $34.25 Roleplays

    Mrs. Santa Costume by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Halter mini dress. Deep plunge/string lace-up front. Full skirt/fitted waist. Faux fur-trimmed velvet. Short/hooded-tie-front cloak. Red/White. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Frilly Maid

    $27.50 Roleplays

    Frilly Maid by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Off-shoulder/lace-trimmed mini dress. Apron. Bows embellish. Frilly lace choker. Roleplay headband. Black/White. Small/Medium, Medium/Large, 1X/2X, and 3X/4X.

  • Dean’s List

    $34.25 Roleplays

    Dean’s List by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Receive high marks! Schoolgirl dress with pleated/wide waistband plaid skirt plus snap-button/lapel front. Three-quarter sleeves. Gold academic emblem. Black/Red/White. Small to Plus-Size.

  • Ms Blazin’ Hot

    $35.50 Roleplays

    Ms. Blazin’ Hot by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Fight fire with lovin’! Mini dress. Fluorescent stripes sleeves/bustline/hemline. Half-length zipper/silver clasps front. Belt. Red-hot suspenders. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Class Distraction

    $32.75 Roleplays

    Class Distraction by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Too-cute camisole top. Cropped coat with three-quarter-length sleeves. Plaid mini skirt loaded with pleats. Matching necktie. Navy. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

  • Sailor’s Delight

    $35.25 Roleplays

    Sailor’s Delight by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Set a course for adventure! Red-white-blue sailor-girl costume. Flap collar/double lapel/ruffle-back mini dress. Stripe/anchor insignia cap. Small/Medium/Large/Plus-Size.

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